Our boys are available for stud to registered breeders only,
and only to service approved females.   
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All our breeding age dogs are regularly heart and eye tested by specialists, and regularly certified as to their overall health by our veterinarians.
Our dogs are photographed in their natural state and habitat - they are not primped and positioned for these sessions
Coalbundy Just Duke (Duke)
Little Duke comes from North Queensland from a stud that I have been watching for some time.    On researching the pedigrees and types I found a little boy who will be very complimentary to our breeding programme.
Duke arrived with plenty of kisses and cuddles at the ready and we were soon smothered in his stored up affection and excitement at having arrived.
He very quickly blended with the other kids,  and is such a little ray of sunshine to have around.
Everybody loves Duke, canines and humans alike.
His babies are also starting to set off on their show careers, and pet puppies are certainly becoming ambassadors for both the breed and the solid colours.
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Cavalrite Banjo Patterson (Banjo)
We are absolutely delighted to welcome Banjo back to his origins.   Banjo has been doing wonderful work with Willawarren in NSW and has returned to us to do equally wonderful work with us.
With his lovely calm and laid back, but bright personality and those elegant Winjax looks, he's an absolute delight to have.
Banjo is the son of our beloved and very much missed Benson and our lovely and equally missed Lilly whom is lost to us unfortunately though trusting the wrong people.   With his mother's colouring and elegance and his father's smiling and sunny personality Banjo has reaped the best of both parents.
All who meet Banjo agree he's a lovely boy
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Cavalrite Wins Of Couse  (Winston)
I honestly can't adequately express how delighted I am to have our boy back into our fold, in partnership with Sharn Behsman of Dubbo.
Winston takes after his father in being a gentleman first and foremost, but with his grandfather's ever present smile.    Winston brings with him the inheritance of good looks and grace of movement from both his parents and his father's wonderful bone structure.  
This little man, along with Banjo, is the daughter of our much beloved and underhandedly lost to us, Lilly (Winjax Melanie).   We may have lost Lilly to unscruplous people and know not how she is despite numerous requests for her return and about her welfare, but we thankfully, have her sons.    We couldn't be prouder.
His mother has refined his father's strong head and the results are lovely.
He's settled in beautifully after a bit of an ordeal in the first part of his life and he and Banjo happily co-habit together, except for when either are busy with affairs of the heart.
This boy has his own little quirky personality and we're so proud of him and so happy to have home.
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Austradan Casa Blanca (Bogie)
Believe me, there are times where one can picture this little man with a cigar in his mouth so he is aptly named.
Little Bogie has looks and certainly has personality.   His efforts to communicate with you include quiet little vocal conversations and the accompanying facial expressions can't help but have you giggling and chatting with him.
At the moment, 'play and food' are his priorities and we're happy to accommodate while he grows up and shows us what a handsome young man he's going to be.   As everyone's BFF he has an important role to fill in the future.  
He's a delightful little boy and we're enjoying him immensely.
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Cavalrite Ned Kelly (Neddy)
We have waited, and waited, and hoped and hoped for that special little man to come along and bowl us over since we lost our Benson.
It took a bushranger to do it :)
Little Neddy was claimed from birth.    No-one else was having this little boy and as we watched him grow more like a little puppy and into a youngster, we haven't been disappointed in him in any way.
His lovely happy disposition and readiness to cope with any given situation, sweetness and ability to blend in anywhere has only delighted us more.
Neddy will start his show career in March 2014.    We wish him every luck and every enjoyment in his new endeavour.
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Graylan Jack Sparrow (Jack)
Woo hoo, our long awaited little black and tan boy has arrived.   We're so happy to welcome little Jack into our fold.    Grandson to our beautiful Cara and Duke, Daughter of Cavalrite Black Velvet (Darla) and son of our equally beautiful Manu, jack is a lovely combination of all his ancestors. 
He has his mother's regality and expectations of being totally adored, his father's absolute smoochiness, his grandmother's regal look, and last but not least, his grandfather's cheekiness.
Jack has fitted in like a glove with our other youngsters and we're enjoying every minute of watching him go through the maturing stages.
It is wonderful to have a lovely relationship ensue from the provision of show/breeding dogs to a new breeder such as Sharn Behsman and to see her genuity and real caring both towards her dogs and her breeding programme, principles and aims.   Thank you Sharn for being who you said you were and for the opportunity for this wonderful little man :)
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Larapaz Maximus (Max)
Grandson of our Chrisindy Alan Jackson and Melriver Heaven Sent, little Max bounced into our lives full of energy, character and ready for what life will bring.
This little man is totally beguiling to every two legged or four legged admirer and has taken everybody by storm.
Quickly settling in he's ready for 'play' with a capital 'P' often ambusing bigger pups then disappearing so quickly that they're left looking around wondering where, what happened.     He does not lack courage and the only Cavi who has managed to chastise him is our Cara, who does not tolerate boundaries being overstepped by pesky little boys.
Despite his cheekiness, he is adored by all and we're looking forward to watching him grow to a handsome young man.    In the meantime, we have no doubt we'll be very well entertained.
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In Memorium
Roswell Just Connor (Connor)
On the evening of the 21st January, 2010 our beautiful little Connor took it upon himself to mouth a Cane Toad and despite our efforts to save him we didn't even have time to get him to the vet before he died.    Folks it took 15 minutes for the poison to kill our adored and beautiful boy, so please be careful of your dogs and cane toads.  It is commonly thought that Queensland bred dogs seem to have an inate knowledge of the dangers of these toads, and we have certainly found this to be seemingly so, and have only experienced interest in the vermin from dogs born down south, but don't take any chances.    We had missed a very big one in our nightly patrols to keep the cane toad population down.  Try to keep your yards as cane toad free as possible, and express to your dog that cane toads are off limits.    I certainly wouldn't want any of you to go through the distress of trying to save an adored little dog the way we have just experienced.
Connor left us a beautiful girl - Ebony - and we have also used his handsome son Max in our breeding programme.
Cavalrite Zane Gray  (Zane)
We were absolutely devastated with the loss of Zane's daddy when he mouthed the mother of all cane toads.  We believe that at the time he was protecting his girl (Zena) from the nasty monster.
Connor had already mated with Zena and we looked with fingers and toes crossed for a boy in the litter to carry on Connor's good work.    If we were to lose Connor, this mating was the best we could wish for to keep his protege from.
Zena gave us two boys and Zane was our choice to carry on for his father.
When, despite the fervent efforts of our vets, we lost little Zane in September 2010 as a result of concertina'd bowel caused by him chewing on a long length of string, words can't describe the devastation.
This little boy had both his parents' sweet and loving nature and has left a huge gap in our daily Cavi love doses.
He will always be sadly missed, just like his beautiful daddy.
Benson artistic 2100_3808100_3806100_3794100_3744100_3718100_3809100_3812100_3816Benson close up head
Winjax Just Benson (Benson)
Benson is one of our three Winjax dogs.  He has the element of 'quality' of conformation and markings that we have come to expect from this line.  He has lovely bone and a wonderful, placid and sweet personality.   He is loved by both humans and dogs of all ages, easily mixing with all.   He's a perfect 'gentleman' with the lades who are quick to become coy in his presence.   He is well balanced with younger male dogs, showing a placid and patient nature, but will bring the young fellas into line if necessary.
Sadly, our Benson is getting on in years now and only sires a litter here and there.
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