All our breeding age dogs are regularly heart and eye tested by specialists, and regularly certified as to their overall health by our veterinarians.
Our dogs are photographed in their natural state and habitat - they are not primped and positioned for these sessions
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Cavalrite April Love (April)
April is Holly's last little girl to grace this earth and our lives.   The two babies in this litter were quickly dubbed 'the bookends' simply because they would have made a perfect pair to grace any mantelpiece.
With beautiful and sweet parents in Casey and Holly, April has the loveliest build, markings, head and personality that could only be inherited from this marriage.
April has grown up to be a beautiful lady who has provided us with stunning daughters and sons to carry on her lines.
Holly saved her best for last.
brown paw print
Cavalrite Belle of the Ball (Bella)
Our Holly gave us tri girls with this litter with Loki   Little Bella has grown up to be a beautiful, sweet, polite little lady and with her lovely quietly confident little personality is a favourite of everyone.
The mix of Holly and Loki certainly brought us a wonderful litter and we're so pleased to have Holly's daughters from this mating to go on with.
An absolute joy to behold and ever endearing with her feminine and perky little personality, we're so happy to have Bella to carry on her mother's lines along with Hanna, Gracie and April.
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Cavalrite Colour Purple (Daisy)
Cara and Duke only had one little girl with this litter and what a little girl she is.
Just as beautiful and beguiling as her sister and mother, Daisy is taking the world by storm.   Just like her mother, threats of abduction are already rife and we're having to check visitor's bags to ensure a bright eyed little girl isn't being absconded with.
A singleton puppy, but certainly not lacking in puluk is our little Daisy and she gets more than her share of nurses, both because she's on her own in her age group, and because she's irresistable.
Our home has certainly come alive with the addition of this little cherub.
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Cavalrite Amazing Grace (May)
Gracie presented us with two little girls in her last litter, Emma and May, and of course, we couldn't part with either of them.
Emma is like her daddy in personality, very sweet and gentle, but also quite independant and active.
May is more like her mother - needs more love and will forego the excitement for cuddles.
Both have missed out on mummy's quirky personality that will only let Maggie handle her and treats anyone else as though they have huge horns and fangs (where this came from is beyond us, so we just accept it).
Both girls are beautiful and have matured up very nicely.
brown paw print
Cavalrite Aint She Sweet (Aisha)
This beautiful little girl is the daughter of April and Loki and she lives up to her name, Aisha meaning lively, and sweet she certainly is.
She has her mother's beautiful figure and a lovely mixture of both her mother and father's head.   Her markings are lovely and she's an absolute joy to behold in all ways.
She has grown up into a stunning young lady and given us beautiful daughter(s) to carry on her lines.
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IMG_3600 (3)IMG_3593 (3)IMG_3581 (4)FullSizeRender (3)IMG_02012-10-14 Tammie 32-10-14 Tammie 1FullSizeRender (7)IMG_0201
Cavalrite Enough Said (Tasha)
Again the daughter of Hannah and Bogie, this equally sweet little girl we are delighted to say has come back to the fold, much to our and the other girls' delight.
A bright and sweet little personality our little Tasha.
Maturing up nicely and now the proud mother of her first litter, Tasha is a joy to have in our midst and the mother of all mothers.
brown paw print
Cavalrite Sugar Pie Honey (Zoey)
One of two girls we kept from Bogie and Connie's litter, little Zoey was a rather plain little puppy but there was 'something' about her.   
A very sweet little girl, very like her mummy in personality, little Zoey quietly goes about her busines, as she blossoms into a beautiful young lady.
Zoey is coming into her own and it has been a joy, every minute to watch this transformation.
brown paw print
Cavalrite Trifecta (Tiffany)
Tiffany is the second girl we kept from Connie and Bogie's litter.    She was the cuter of the two girls as a puppy, but always just a bit behind her sister in developing.    She has now come into her own and blossoming into a beautiful young lady.
We have a big and little sister syndrome with these two girls, with Zoey being the trailblazer and Tiffany happyily bouncing along in her smiley way behind.
They're both a joy to behold and we bask in their typical Cavi love.
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Cavalrite Blackberry Wine (Sheeba)
Little Sheeba is a plucky but sweet little girl and is the first of Clancy and Sirah's daughters to arrive.
Now all growd up and beautiful, she is always a feminine, but plucky little one, she manages to combine both attributes to be ready to join in any fun that might be available.
brown paw print
IMG_9440 - useIMG_9480IMG_9534IMG_953815-10-12 0530003IMG_1570IMG_1571IMG_1576IMG_1599
Cavalrite Sounds of Summer (Summer)
The minute this little girl was born, we knew she was a 'keeper' and she certainly hasn't disappointed.
A bright, waggily sweet little confident personality goes with her beautiful looks.  She's another one that catches your eye and keeps it.
Now a beautiful young lady, Summer never fails to bowl you over with her beauty and sweetness.
brown paw print
Cavalrite Star Sapphire (Bonnie)
We have kept a second daughter from Clancy and Sirah, and why wouldn't me.
Again with the lovely personality that this mating brings, and the good looks from both her parents, little Bonnie brings much love to our household.
We're enjoying her antics and watching her grow up into the beautiful young lady she will inevitably become.
brown paw print
Cavalrite Come What May (Pippa)
Our little Miss personality.   
Daughter of Bogie and April, this little girl made an impression from birth and while we took time to choose the little girl to keep from this litter, she always stood out just that little bit more.
She is certainly confirming, every day, that we made the right choice and we are enjoying every minute of watching her grow.
BFFs with little Tinka, we've dubbed these two 'the twins' becaue they're never far apart and always gang up for fun, mischief and tucker.    They do everything together.
brown paw print
Melriver On The Wings Of Love (Melody)
We once again have a little Melriver girl in our midst and we're so pleased to welcome little Melody into our fold.
I have always had one or two little Melriver girls over the years and the sad loss of our Maisie through snake bite meant we didn't have any.
Patricia and John Mellusco kindly allowed us to have this little girl, particularly as her namesake was also lost to a Taipan snake.   I can't thank them enough for the opportunity.
Melody bounced into our lives recently, bold, confident, independant, very cuddley .... just like her namesake who's lines she carries, and she has been an absolute delight since that day.
She fits in like a glove, even though the twins thought she might be from outer space at first.  Often seen playing with Benson, Summer,Bonnie and Sassy and the twins, she's such a happy little girl and so well balanced in every way.
It's actually uncanny just how like her namesake she is.
brown paw print
Our Young Hopefuls
We have several girls close to retirement and the girls below are the 'next generation' girls to replace them.   These girls have yet to reach breeding age and/or have yet to be specialist health checked.
Cavalrite Caras Last Dance (Sara)
Oh my goodness .... the first thing that comes to mind with this little girl is 'Cara'.     She is practically a clone of her mother, Cara, in every way.
She has the same looks, the same personality, the same mannerisms which takes you back in time instantly.
She is Cara's last daughter and joins Tilly and Daisy to leave us smiling.
She was no mistake as her mother was, and we are delighted that Cara and Tom took such care to ensure that the last little girl was what we wanted.
She's a joy to behold.
brown paw print
Cavalrite Lady Chatterly (Amy)
Why the name?    Simple, as a young puppy this little girl was a 'tart'.    She's still the sweetest, most confident, cheekiest little personality ...... just not so much a tart.
The most amazing thing is that Amy is Gracie's grandaughter !!!!     Gracie is the world's greatest prima donna, and Amy is completely the opposite, grabbing life and all it's wonders by the tail and making the most of it all.
You can't help smiling when you look at her.    Thank you May for such a beautiful little girl.
brown paw print
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Cavalrite Enchanted (Gizelle)
Gizelle's photos honestly don't do her justice.  
Neddy and Bella's first little daughter is a stunner and the minute she was born, I knew she wasn't going anywhere.
She's a sweet, beautiful little girl and how could she not be with parents such as Neddy and Bella, two of our sweetest dogs.
Despite being treated as the most wonderful baby in the whole wide world by her mother, and being a singleton puppy, Gizelle has a lovely balanced non-precocious personality and happily integrated in with the other kids when old enough.
We love this lil girl dearly.
brown paw print
Cavalrite Cabaret (Lizzy)
We are so proud to introduce Beth and Bogie's daughter.   We finally got the opportunity for a Beth baby and what a little beauty she gave us.
Lizzy is an affectionate and gregarious little Miss who is not backward in asking, nay, demanding the attention she firmly believes she due and giving it back threefold.   She's a little smoocher when cuddled and would much prefer a cuddle to playing with toys, investigations, rumbles with the other kids and anything else you could name.
As there are no puppies around her own age to play with, Beth is happily romping and playing the fool with her daughter until such time as she has a younger playmate.    I'm not sure who's enjoying this period of time more, mother or daughter.   It's a joy to behold.
brown paw print
Cavalrite Mamma Mia (Mia)
'Mamma Mia ...... here I go again ..... my, my, how could I resist you'.  
Born weighing a whole 90g, this little girl had plenty of pluck right from her first breath and four week of special times with a number of bottle feeds per day meant that our bond strenthened to the point where even when it was evident that she was a survivor for sure, I couldn't bring myself to announce her availability for adoption.    I was a gonna.
By 5 weeks, the thought of not having this little girl in my life was way too much to bear and she was named.   And here to stay.
Bright as a button and not that much smaller than her siblings these days, this little one has no doubt she's special.   One gaze from those huge brown eyes and the world is hers.
To say we're delighted to have her would be the understatement of the century and to say that we're mezmerised, bedazzled, beguiled .... still wouldn't express how she affects us.     Watch this space.
brown paw print
Cavalrite Cherry Amber (Amber)
Amber and her sister Mia were the result of their mother deciding that she knew better as to who she should mate with and promptly left her intended in disappointment and shock, proceeded to up and over two fences, and mate with an equally shocked, but very willing ruby boy instead of the blenheim boy she had been allocated.
The deed having been done, we all waited with bated breath while Tasha breezed through her pregnancy and provided us with 8 beautiful ruby babies, all of whom were lovely.
Indeed making a decision on who would stay and who would be available for adoption was one of the hardest decisions to make ever, simply because all warranted keeping.    We can't keep them all however, and Amber was definitely a 'stayer'.
Such a sweet little girl as well as pretty, as with all the girls, she has a tendency to take after her great great grandmother, Cara.
We're so thankful to Tasha for making what we considered to be a rash decision at the time and wouldn't be without our little girls.
brown paw print
Graylancavs Whispering Willow (Willow)
Oh My Goodness !!!   How to put in words the affect this little cherub has had on our household.     Even Grumpy Granma Cara is absolutely besotted with this little girl.
She is a clone of her Granma in practically every way.   Watching her expressions, play, tearing around the house, and excelling at everything is like reliving the past.
She arrived at a time when the older pups were too big and rough for her and the smaller babies were not yet ready to play, so she's been an inbetweener, reliant on Cara and Gracie and the other 'mothers' to entertain and teach her and this little girl couldn't be a better pupil.
She knows she's special, but is so sweet about it she just melts the heart of any who set eyes on her.
brown paw print
Our Golden Oldies
Cavalrite Perfect Grace (Gracie)
Utterly beguiling in every way, little Gracie is the daughter of Holly and Rev (Winjax Mira Belle and Clarelly Bad Moon Rising).
Making a choice of the girls in this litter was nigh on impossible for us  as their quality was so high and so equal.   Only after the choice having been made, on some inexplicable basis which couldn't be defined, did the realisation came to us that this little girl reminded us totally of our little Gracie that we had previously lost to a tick bite.
Gracie's sweet little personality and mannerisms never fail to tug at our heartstrings and we believe she will be equally as engrossing as an adult.  
Gracie is now retired from our breeding programme and continues to be our 'special' and 'dramatic' little house girl :)  She's remains up on our website because she'd simply be heartbroken to be taken down ...... she considers that as with everything, she and only she is the best of all mothers.
brown paw print
Cavalrite Miss Jacara (Cara)
Our little Cara was actually a mistake ..... our Jack made the executive decision that he was a far better sire than the one intended for Cara's mother, and upped and over the fence to 'do the job' while I was off getting his inended girlfriend.     The result was a beautiful little ruby girl.   
From her birth, we have had threats of abduction, had to check visitors' bags on the premises and been graced with the company of the sweetest, most regal and absolutely adorable little girl in our lives.
Cara gave us and other families some beautiful babies, only choosing to mate with Duke, and Duke alone until Tom came along and got her approval for her last ever litter.   She has only ever had eyes for her own babies and never forgets them when they visit.   They're subjected to being treated like 6 week old puppies, with her inspection, cleaning and then asking them to play with her.
No, we couldn't part with our beautiful lady on retirement :)   
brown paw print
100_0684100_3720100_3730100_3736Daisy n Holly 3 May 08 005Daisy n Holly May 08 002IMG_3294
Winjax Mirabelle (Holly)
Our little Holly is the sweetest of little girls with a touch of 'blonde'.   A mixture of innocence, sweetness and perfect behaviour is our little Holly.
Totally worried by strangers, she will bark the alarm and not come within touching reach, but with us, she's up having gentle cuddles at a second's notice.
Everybody loves Holly - she is always being smothered in kizzes by the others and still to this day, plays with the youngsters ..... you can hear her woooo woooo woooing, which is her at play noise.
One wouldn't know that she's had several litters, or that she's as old as she is, although there's a little bit of grey occurring on her muzzle these days.  
Our special girl will live her life out with us where's she's happy and content.
brown paw print
Chrisindy Miss Andretti (Zena)
A little personality all of her own, Zena will toddle up to strangers and flop onto her back at their feet for a belly scratch.    That's her way of saying 'hello'.    It's a little disconcerting to say the least, but it has the desired effect - attention and belly rubs :)
A little old lady these days, the flops aren't as frequent as they were, but she still gets her attention by 'talking' now.    She's not an 'in your face' girl so she needs to be noticed - she thinks :)     She's actually always been a beauty that commands your attention without the antics, but not being vain, Zena thinks she needs help.
A sweet little girl in all ways who gave us Cara in amongst her two litters.   Zena is the oldest generation of four generations we have coming down from her lines.
brown paw print
Cavalrite Lillibeth (Beth)
We waited several years for our Lilly to give us a tri girl and when she deigned to do so, she not only gave us a little beauty, but another beauty which was on special order for a special client.
This little 'princess' is very similar to her half sister Gracie in personality - born to be royal and although confident, not particularly keen on too much rough and tough rumbling which she soon makes known, but always ready for smooches and cuddles.
She was certainly worth the wait and could well rival Gracie for stunning looks and head jerks from admirers.
brown paw print
Cavalrite Hollyanna (Hannah)
The second of our girls kept from our Holly, Hannah is named after her mother.
Hannah is a very bright and chirpy little girl with plenty of confidence and 'luv' to give.
She carries on the lines from Holly and Lilly and we look forward to watching her grow into as beautiful young lady as her sister.
Hannah has 'all it takes' to be noticed and 'all it takes' to keep the attention.
brown paw print
PENNY - Leolyn Penelope
Leolyn Penelopy - Penny
9/5/2004 - 16/2/2016
Penny was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of lymphatic cancer  back in July/August 2011 and our beautiful vets, Kathy and Shannon instigated protocols to allow Penny to be treated locally.     Treatment commenced as soon as the condition was confirmed.    The little trojan trundled into the vet once a week for the first few months and then fortnightly to have her treatment.   She didn't complain about the need to isolate her from the others although she was able to see the other kids and everything that was going on.   She responded very well to the treatment and halfway through her bloods were normal.   Penny had her last treatment on the 17th February 2012 and her bloods remain normal.   Once her immunity rebuilds, Penny can join in on the day's activities again.    She has monthly checkups for a while but no more chemo !!!!!!  
We are soooooo proud of our little girl.   She took everything in her stride, the needles, the mild tummy upsets for a day or so after, and the isolation.    If ever there was a little dog that would indicate that it's worth the time, the expense and the worry of treating cancer - she would be it.    We hope she goes on now to live a normal happy life.
Our special thanks to our wonderful vets and staff who not only reorganised their day and surgery protocols for Penny but also ensured that she felt very special and loved throughout her long ordeal.   Neither Penny, nor I, could have endured it as well as we have without their support.