As our kids mature, it is lovely to see them successfully going out into the big wide world of showing and breeding.   Our families are lovely and keep us informed of their successes and we'd like to share them with you.

Cavalrite Black Caviar (Caviar)

(Sire: Winjax Of Course  Dam: Winjax Melanie)

Caviar is Casey's first son and one of two in the litter, a boy and a girl.

Caviar has embarked on his show career and is holding his own under the loving supervision of his new mummy and grandmummy who love him dearly, despite his sometimes norty puppy antics.

We wish Caviar and Albina all the best in every way and thank her for her honesty and courage.

to see Caviar's progress in the ring.

Cavalrite Prince Caspian (Casper)

(Sire: Tunamara Tino Nui  Dam: Tibchi Tiger Lily)

Right from birth, this little man had pulenny of  'look at me'.  Now owned by Bev Hamilton, Casper has set a high standard right from his first show with Best Puppy In Group for his first two shows - winning over very good competition.

Casper enjoys the limelight and takes his popularity in his stride.  May his career be long and successful for him and his delighted young owner. 

Casper has now reached Champion Status and we are so proud of him.

to see Casper's progress in the ring.

Cavalrite Swash Buckle (Buckle)

(Sire: Winjax Just Benson  Dam: Winjax Mirabelle)

Not only did this little man come first in his state for Vote My Pet, but he's more recently embarked on his show career.

We wish 'Buckle' and Jessica all the best enjoyment and success in their new venture and look forward to hearing good things from this duo in the not too distant future.

Congratulations to 'Ollie'

(at 11 weeks) and Karen

on the success of their

first time out together.

Cavalrite Mr Munchkin (Oscar, Ollie)

(Sire: Winjax Just Benson  Dam: Winjax Melanie)

We'll let the new family do the bragging:

Just thought I would let you know how excited we are with Ollie.

We went to CKCS Club fun day today and we had no intention of doing anything with Ollie but took him along as he is a part of the family and we were not going to leave him at home while we went out with Abbey. So I had not even given him a bath.

While there we found out they were having a show for age groups & catagories & someone said to enter Ollie in the puppy group under 12 months, so we did.

He won 3 certificates, 1: Best Tricolour Puppy, 2: Best Puppy in Show, 3: Reserve in Show (against all age groups).

He was so tired after walking on the lead (chasing after treats) he slept the rest of the afternoon & still sleeping tonight.



Cavalrite Cassanova (Oscar, Ollie)

(Sire: Winjax Just Benson  Dam: Winjax Melanie)

Oscar was the 'pick' of the tris in his litter if not the pick of the litter.    Right from a little baby, Oscar had 'quality' and 'look at me' written all over him.  He certainly hasn't disappointed anyone as he's matured into a young man.

Oscar is also proving himself in the show ring, although it is presently interrupted due to his new mum's change of circumstances.

In the meantime, Oscar has become a proud father to a beautiful litter of puppies.

We look forward to hearing more good news regarding Oscar in the future.

Cavalrite Adventure Boots (Boots)

(Sire: Clarelly Bad Moon Rising  Dam: Jastbah Hope)

Little Boots lives with her brother Tasmanian Buckle and is destined to join him along the show trail.

The two have quickly become the best of friends which is just as well as they are engaged to be married in the future.

Cavalrite River Quin (Quin)

(Sire: Coalbundy Just Duke  Dam: Chrisindy Reba McIntyre)

Quin stood out from the crowd from birth and is maturing up nicely.

She lives with her new family in Victoria and is destined for the showring.

Cavalrite Banjo Patterson (Banjo)

(Sire: Winjax Just Benson  Dam: Winjax Melanie)

This little man and his brother Minstral were stunning right from birth and choosing between the two proved difficult.

Little Banjo has set off on the show trail and is holding his own and will no doubt cause a stir as he matures.

Cavalrite Ceasar Shadow (Shadow)

(Sire: Chrisindy More Magic  Dam: Chrisindy Allan Jackson)

We can't resist sharing the love of our life, Shadow with you.   His mum and dad have been so generous in sharing these photos of such a gorgeous boy with us.   Shadow is the son of our Jessica and Jack, and along with his Sister, Cassie and brother Jester, it was and remains a fabulous litter, unfortunately as Jessica is now reaching retirement age, it won't be possible to repeat the mating.   We hope you enjoy these photos as much as we do.

Shadow is available for stud to approved girls.