We strive to breed quality puppies that are suitable for showing or breeding as well as puppies for 'pet only' or agility or obedience.
We are careful to ensure that the puppy or mature dog chosen is suited to the new owners' situation and encourage new owners to visit our puppies while they mature sufficiently to relocate to new homes.   This lessens the stress of the puppy when relocated as they are more familiar with their new owners and are predominantly dealing with new surroundings.
We also keep our new owners uptodate on puppies via email as regularly as possible.
Our puppies are properly wormed and cared for, well handled, and receive loads of socialisation, are thoroughly vet checked and Health Certified, innoculated, microchipped and registered with Dogs Qld.  A puppy pack ensures you have all the information you need for a new puppy including the puppy's full history, pedigree, parentage and comfort toy and rug, plus samples of puppy's diet.
All our dogs are heart and eye tested by specialists as well as regularly health checked and certified as to overall health.   We are also commencing DNA testing of our dogs for other inherant problems such as dry eye and curly coat and episodic falling syndrome.
Available puppies are offered to families on our screened waiting list first and foremost via a litter birth email broadcast giving information and photos of the puppy.   Litter birth notifications are sent out to families who have contacted us via email one week prior to the upcoming litter due date.
We will not consider a family for the adoption of one of our puppies without first receiving a completed inquiry form.
We use the information sought below to start to get to know you and and also to keep track of our waiting list, so please forward one to us if you would like a puppy. 
Price ranges:  Prices vary according to the litter and the individual puppy with a price range for puppies of around  $2,500.  Unfortunately, litters which will be 8 weeks or over as of 1st January, 2018 will require this pricing increase to $2,500 to cover additional veterinary costs and DNA testing costs incurred through a recent decision by Dogs Queensland to require parentage to be provided with each litter registration application for the parents and the puppies.   This is a beneficial decision to puppy buyers, but does incurr additional expenses and organisation by breeders.   A puppy with huge show potential may carry a higher purchase price than the pet puppies regardless of whether a pet family is seeking to adopt it.   Older puppies, say 12 months old and retired mature dogs will carry a discounted price set according to the individual dog/puppy being adopted out.
Our guarantees are in the form of highly principled breeding programmes and in behaving responsibly with clients following the receipt of their new puppy.  We encourage clients to keep in touch after the sale to be able to monitor the puppy's progress and see how they mature, and also strongly request that clients return to us should they experience any problems relating to our breeding programme.  We cannot assist with anything we do  not know about.  Scroll down to complete the inquiry form below.
A note about Cavalier King Charles colours - do not be duped by unscrupulous & irresponsible breeders !!!!
Social media has been bombarded lately by unscrupulous and irresponsible breeders and owners promoting their supposedly 'rare, other coloured' Cavalier puppies and dogs as pure Cavaliers, and no doubt charging the poor public through the nose in the process.   We feel its our duty to advise our visitors of the truth of these claims.
There are only FOUR colours in the purebred Cavalier as shown below and as per the Breed Standard which can be viewed on our Cavalier History page of this website.   The colours are Blenheim, Tri, Black and Tan and Ruby.    The Cavalier DNA does not carry the Brown or Chocolate gene, therefore any dog or puppy that is chocolate or brown cannot be a purebred Cavalier.   Nor are yellow or green eyes part of a Cavalier, or pink noses.
Our objection is with the unscrupulous and irresponsible breeding practices seemingly focussed on these supposedly 'rare and other' colours and promoting them as purebred dogs when they cannot be purebred, and duping the general public in the process.    Claims that the colours are accepted in other countries are also false in that any puppy that manages to be registered by the canine control councils is noted as 'CNR', which denotes 'Colour Not Recognised'.    This of course is not mentioned in claims being made.    Little, if any, mention is made of the correctness of the dogs and puppies, or health testing.
Be careful and be informed.
Blenheim - Rich chestnut markings well broken up, on pearly white ground. Markings evenly divided on head, leaving room between ears for much valued lozenge mark or spot (a unique characteristic of the breed).
Tricolour - Black and white well spaced, broken up, with tan markings over eyes, cheeks, inside ears, inside legs, and on underside of tail.
Black and Tan - Raven black with tan markings above the eyes, on cheeks, inside ears, on chest and legs and underside of tail. Tan should be bright. White marks undesirable.
Ruby - Whole coloured rich red. White markings undesirable.
Please note:  we do require new families to sign an agreement and a preview of the agreement can be viewed by clicking
We need to know about you also, so please assist us with the following information.
A breeder who cares about her pup's future welfare, is a breeder who cares about her breeding decisions and the health & temperament of her dogs
Simply type your answers in the box beside every question, then press 'send'.
You need to answer every question for the form to 'send'
Please take the time to be informative for us
as this is our first step towards 'getting to know you'.
If you are NOT a registered breeder with an accredited canine control council, please read this article before answering 'yes' to any current or future breeding intentions, CLICK HERE 
1.   Please advise your colour preference?  
Cavalier colours:  see above
2.   Please advise your preferred sex?  
(it is as well to advise that with these popular puppies, flexibility of sex/colour is advisable)
3.   Your full name:  
4.   Street no and name: 
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6.   Postcode:  
6a. PO Box, if applicable 
Please note: we do not export or allow our puppies to be transported by air transport - it is too hard on the puppies.   Road transport is a far better means of transporting for puppies and you can inquire from Dogmovers on 07-5530 2710 regarding road transport, should you think you may need it.
7.   Home Phone: 
8.  Mobile Phone:  
9.  EMAIL  
      Alternative Email (if required):   Please repeat your email address if you don't have an alternative email address.
10.  Please provide details as to whether you and/or your partner are employed or not and if so the industry in which you work and position held?      
The following three questions are seeking information for your future puppy's microchipping registration
- as with all information provided,  please ensure you complete them correctly.
11.  What is the name of your Local Council ?: 
12.  Please provide the name of an alternative contact, should you be uncontactable: 
13.  Alternative contact's phone numbers: 
14.  Are you a member of a Canine control Council: (yes/no)   
15.  if so Which Canine Council are you a member of?  (name or n/a)    
16.  Please list the members of your family and their ages       
17.  Please advise name and age of primary carers of the puppy    
18.  Is puppy intended as a family pet (yes/no)?    
19.  Is puppy intended for agility/obedience (yes/no)?   
20.  Is puppy intended for showing or breeding (yes/no)?    
21.  Are you, or have you ever been, involved in breeding dogs of any breed or mixed breed, whether a registered breeder or not?  If 'yes', please provide full details.  
22.  If puppy is intended for breeding or showing, please provide your Prefix name and/or membership number (please note that if this is not provided, then you may be unelligible for a show/breeding puppy until such time as evidence is received.  Further details may be required for future breeding puppies)    
23.  Describe puppy's new home for us please including the security of fencing etc.      
24.  Please list any other pets you may have, including the breeds and whether they are desexed or entire.    
25.  Please advise whether puppy will live inside or outside the home, travel with you etc.,   
26.  Please describe your proposed exercise programme for puppy   
27.  Please provide details of your current veterinarian, including address and phone number   
28.  Would you be kind enough to describe puppy's future worming/innoculation programme for us please    
29.  Would you please give a short description of why you have chosen this breed   
30.  Please describe what you feel is your 'duty of care' for your new puppy   
31.  Would you like to go onto our waiting list if no suitable puppies are presently available?  (yes/no)   
32.  How did you hear about us?  (if website, please advise site name - what site did your Google search send you to)    
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Our sincere thanks for taking the time to provide this information
PLEASE EMAIL  US AT cavalrite@bigpond.com TO LET US KNOW.