We are more than happy to asist breeders by standing our boys at stud, however, to ensure that the mating is beneficial both to the outside breeder and the breed itself, we do require you to provide the following information:
  • Completed service agreement (via email is fine) -
  • Copy of your bitch's pedigree (via email is fine)
  • Photographs of your bitch (and her parents if at all possible)
  • Copies of current specialist heart and eye testing (for Aust. bred dogs) and also current MRI scans for imported dogs or dogs with imported parents.
  • Copies of DNA testing results
  • Details of your prefix and number
With this information, we are able to establish which of our boys will best enhance the attributes of your girl, and be likely to produce the best quality litter.
Please note that we will not consider any mating until such time as the above information is received.