Please read the following, complete the inquiry sheet following the link below.
Sometimes, through no fault of their own, older puppies and mature dogs become available for adoption to loving and special families only.
Unfortunately, much as we would like to, we can't keep them all and as we don't believe in over-breeding our girls, we endeavour to find them special homes while they are still young enough to have many years in a loving environment.
Sometimes a puppy may not develope up quite the way we envisaged, or may have a fault which excludes it from showing or breeding.  
When we offer the more mature puppy or dog for adoption, we are not simply passing on our problems.   Indeed we are looking for very very special homes for these beautiful little people who have contributed so much to our lives up until the time they are offered for adoption.   We are looking for people who will care for our dogs equally as much as we do and who will keep in touch from time to time to let us know our girls and boys are living happy, loving lives.
Mature adoptions, particularly girls retired from breeding, are particularly suited to families who would rather not go through the puppy chewing and digging stages, but would love a sweet little dog to share their lives with, or a family with very young children.  They also make very suitable companions for an existing family pet, whether young or old.
If you think you can fill these shoes, please follow the directions below.    Just one more thing of note before you scroll down to see what we might have available ............
This is NOT a rescue situation, or a means of obtaining a quality dog free.   All of our dogs are well-loved, happy, healthy individuals who are carefully placed into forever, loving, responsible homes if adopted out on retirement or for any other reason.  If you are looking for a dog to 'rescue' or a 'free or cheap dog', please don't continue any further.
Nor are we 'desperate' or 'in a hurry' to adopt out any of our beautiful retirees, indeed parting with our retired dogs is in many ways harder than parting with a puppy, because a deep rapport has been built over the years.   Unless we feel that there is the potential for a strong bond to be built between applicants and the retirees, we will not afford the option to adopt.   Hence we require at least one meeting between an applicant family and retiree as part of the adoption process.
Mature dogs available for adoption
All our dogs are loved, have their every need catered to and are all happy, healthy and loving individuals, however, you have to consider that they may not have experienced much of the outside world, other than visitors, and will need your understanding and encouragement in learning about what's outside their normal experience to date.   Obviously once they're feeling more confident about going everywhere and seeing strange things, they will be like any normal adult Cavi, however adopting a mature dog does mean the same socialisation needs as a puppy.
Our retirees have always been afforded the opportunity for toileting outside and therefore have been naturally house-trained, however, consideration needs to be given to the fact that they're coping with totally new situations and you may have an accident or two before the layout of the house is learnt, and their confidence is built - just like a puppy.
Our dogs are treated just like children and spoken to in a motherly manner.   Even waggling a finger and telling one of them that they've been 'very norty' can have the affect of a very contrite Cavalier making amends. 
They are mostly lead trained, but we have no need for any formal training in our situation, with the exception of the show dogs - a conversation is usually all that is needed with our kids. 
Cavaliers respond extremely well to this sort of interaction and to positive training and as they love to achieve, they learn quickly.   They don't take kindly to harsh treatment or being treated as 'just a dog'.     Indeed Robbie who was raised with the working dog on the end of a chain, very quickly learnt that such terms as 'hoy', 'git in here' and the like were responded to with a look of disdain, if even acknowledged.  He now speaks to them in the same manner as I do and has much better success in achieving his aims. :)
To apply for adoption and/or receive details of any dogs we may have retiring, email us
Please note we require any prospective new owners to meet our retired kidz prior to being considered for their future forever home.