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to read information on 'Choosing a Puppy and Choosing a Breeder'.  
It has useful information for you when choosing a breeder.
Please note:    We rarely have puppies readily available, simply because they are offered to our screened waiting list first.  On the rare occasion that we do have a puppy readily available, it will be listed on our 'Current Litters' page - see index to the left.
Young puppies are raised in our living room with access to undercover and grass outside
We strive to uphold high principals of breeding as summarised below in the extract from the ANKC website, take every step to ensure that show, breeding or pet families receive quality, true to type, healthy puppies from us and that we act as responsible and trustworthy breeders.
(extract from ANKC Policies)
The Australian National Kennel Council and its Member Bodies believe that breeding programs should only be undertaken responsibly and for the purpose of improving the breed. Due consideration must be given to recognised hereditary problems in any breeding program. Any resulting surplus stock should be placed only in homes where the owners are committed to responsible dog ownership.
We are opposed to the production of dogs by those people who breed without regard for the quality of the animals that they produce and without accepting responsibility for placing the dogs only in homes where the owners understand, and are prepared to undertake a commitment to, responsible ownership.
Our puppies are properly wormed and cared for, well handled, receive loads of socialisation, are thoroughly vet checked, Health Certified, innoculated, microchipped and registered with Dogs Queensland (ANKC).  A puppy pack ensures you have all the information you need for a new puppy including the puppy's full history, pedigree, parentage and comfort toy and rug, plus samples of puppy's diet.
Our guarantees are in the form of highly principled breeding programmes and in behaving responsibly with clients following the receipt of their new puppy.  We encourage clients to keep in touch after the sale to be able to monitor the puppy's progress and see how they mature, and also encourage clients to return to us should they experience any problems relating to our breeding programme.
We aim to breed healthy, quality puppies that are suitable for showing or breeding as well as puppies for 'pet only' or agility or obedience.  We have taken care to choose breeding stock with good healthy backgrounds and strong, complimentary lines.
We are careful to ensure that the puppy chosen is suited to the new owners' situation and encourage new owners to visit our puppies while they mature sufficiently to relocate to new homes.   This lessens the stress of the puppy when relocated as they are more familiar with their new owners and are predominantly dealing with new surroundings.
We are situated on forty acres atop of a mountain 15 minutes north of Gympie, Queensland and our dogs are kept and raised in beautiful rural surroundings, with million dollar views.   Whether they appreciate the views is questionable, but they certainly enjoy the fresh air and grass to romp on.
We encourage prospective new families to visit whenever they can and welcome a pre-inspection (by appointment only, time permitting, and following the receipt of a completed inquiry form)  of our dogs and surroundings prior to choosing a puppy.   
We try keep our new owners uptodate on puppies via email on at least a weekly basis and welcome updates from new puppy owners as often as possible.
Please feel free to browse all of the information in this section of our site.   It is designed to be informative as well as indicate the quality of the puppies we have bred or have available.
We are often asked why there are price differences in available puppies.   Simply put, and not quite so blandly as Robbie's 'you get what you pay for' response - in order to ensure that we have true to type, healthy and well adjusted puppies, over the years, we have spent oodles of time, effort and money choosing and buying our breeding girls and boys.   At the same time of course, we are seeking to show these dogs prior to breeding them, so we look for the best, and we pay for the best.
Secondly, low prices could indicate several things which you need to be careful of.  It could mean that the dogs and therefore the puppies are not registered, which means they are bred outside the standards, rules and regulations of the Canine Controls who, by the way, have instigated these standards and controls for the sake of the puppies and the families who buy them.    It could mean that breeding programmes don't necessarily include a responsible attitude towards the health, type or personality of dogs used for breeding, whether because of naivity or simply not caring - again this is to be watched for.   There are responsible breeder and there are less responsible breeders .  
To ensure that you don't fall into any situations that you may later regret, it is best to deal with responsible registered breeders who take care and pride in what they're doing and who are able to allow you to meet and view their dogs, have them in suitable care and conditions, and also who is open and honest with the answers to your questions, and are able to at least let you see pedigrees and pictures of puppy parents, and better still, let you interact with the parents so you can have an idea of how the puppy might mature both in stature and personality.  
No matter where you purchase your puppy - ensure you have taken great care to ensure that your puppy has every chance of a long, happy, healthy life with you.
We welcome any queries you may have.
See Inquiry Form for puppy price range.
A note about Cavalier King Charles colours - do not be duped by unscrupulous & irresponsible breeders !!!!
Social media has been bombarded lately by unscrupulous and irresponsible breeders and owners promoting their supposedly 'rare, other coloured' Cavalier puppies and dogs as pure Cavaliers, and no doubt charging the poor public through the nose in the process.   We feel its our duty to advise our visitors of the truth of these claims.
There are only FOUR colours in the purebred Cavalier as shown below and as per the Breed Standard which can be viewed on our Cavalier History page of this website.   The colours are Blenheim, Tri, Black and Tan and Ruby.    The Cavalier DNA does not carry the Brown or Chocolate gene, therefore any dog or puppy that is chocolate or brown is unlikely to be a purebred Cavalier and are not true to the breed.   Nor are yellow or green eyes part of a Cavalier, or pink noses.
Our objection is with the unscrupulous and irresponsible breeding practices seemingly focussed on these supposedly 'rare and other' colours and promoting them as purebred dogs when they are not true to the breed, and in duping the general public in the process.    Claims that the colours are accepted in other countries are also false in that any puppy that manages to be registered by the canine control councils  in the USA is noted as 'CNR', which denotes 'Colour Not Recognised'.    This of course is not mentioned in claims being made.    Little, if any, mention is made of the correctness of the dogs and puppies, or health testing.  
Any purchaser of a Cavalier is entitled to be fully and correctly informed about the breed and the puppies they are looking to purchase, so that an informed decision can be made.  At Cavalrite, we will continue to protect the integrity of the breed in every way and breed true to the breed health tested puppies.     For more information on what denotes a purebred dog please
Be careful and be informed.
Blenheim - Rich chestnut markings well broken up, on pearly white ground. Markings evenly divided on head, leaving room between ears for much valued lozenge mark or spot (a unique characteristic of the breed).
Tricolour - Black and white well spaced, broken up, with tan markings over eyes, cheeks, inside ears, inside legs, and on underside of tail.
Black and Tan - Raven black with tan markings above the eyes, on cheeks, inside ears, on chest and legs and underside of tail. Tan should be bright. White marks undesirable.
Ruby - Whole coloured rich red. White markings undesirable.