See below for details on expected litters, follow directions to express interest
PLEASE NOTE !!!! Puppy family visiting hours are between 11.30am - 3.30pm, and by appointment only.
Cavalier Colours
Just a note on Cavalier colours.    There are four colours in the Cavalier, as show above.   They are broken into two categories (a) Parti, which are colours mixed with white, and (b) Solid, which are the colours showing no white.    The Cavalier has only had these four colours for centuries and while there are misguided people promoting incorrect colouring as 'other coloured Cavaliers', these are not true and probably not purebred Cavaliers.     If both parents are 'parti' then 'parti' puppies will result.   If both parents are 'solid' then solid puppies will result.    If the parents are one parti and one solid, then depending on the gene pool of each parent, solids or parti puppies could result.    There is a higher likelihood of mismarked puppies with a cross over from parti to solid.
Please view very important information for everyone looking for puppies, by before continuing
We strive to uphold high principals of breeding, take every step to ensure that show, breeding or pet families receive quality, true to type,
healthy puppies from us and that we act as responsible and trustworthy breeders.
Please note:  we do require new families to sign an agreement and a preview of the agreement can be viewed by clicking
Current litters expected are listed below.
Litters are listed once mum is confirmed to be pregnant, so keep an eye on this page for new listings.
Because of our requirement for families to provide an inquiry form and then to express interest a week prior to the due date of a litter, we do not know the size of the waiting list for that litter really until the litter is born.    We usually find that the number of people waiting for puppies generally matches fairly closely to the number of puppies available in each litter.
To be eligible to obtain a puppy from us, follow these two step directions:
FIRSTLY, puppies will ONLY be offered to families who have joined our waiting list by completing our inquiry form.
If you have not already done so, to join our waiting list, and complete the inquiry form.  You only need to complete the inquiry form once.
SECONDLY, Puppy availability notices will only be sent out to families who have
  • (a) joined our waiting list as noted above, and
  • (b) then - once a litter, and date for acceptance of EOIs, has been listed on this page ... no earlier than the acceptance date listed ...... complete an Expression of Interest by  - for any litter you're interested in
     Pleased check the dates that we are accepting EOIs prior to completing the form.   We will not be accepting expressions of interest prior to the dates listed.
  • We will list the date that EOIs will be accepted in the details between the parents of each litter, for your convenience.   This notifies us that you are still waiting on a puppy. 
If you have followed the above directions, notification of puppy availability will occur via email when I'm happy all is well and available puppies will be offered, in date order of joining our waiting list.
Once you've completed the Inquiry Form and are therefore on our waiting list, you may submit an Expression of Interest once an acceptance date has been listed, for any upcoming litter you may be interested in.  
This page is always kept uptodate as to what litters are expected.
PLEASE NOTE: we do not export or allow our puppies to be transported by air transport - it is too hard on the puppies.
Road transport only is acceptable.   If you would like to check on whether it is possible to transport to your address by road, contact Dogmovers, 07-5530 2710.     They will also be able to give you a quote for transport.
To be eligible for a puppy from our upcoming litter(s) please follow the directions above.
Graylancavs Captain Jack Sparrow (Jack)
Puppies have arrived.
Notice scheduled to go out to families who submitted an EOI by
9th October 2021
BOOKS CLOSED for this litter - no more EOIs accepted
Cavalrite  Miss Marple  (Janie)
See Inquiry Form for puppy price range.
Upcoming Matings
Matings are planned for November/December 2021
These litters will be due in Christmas/New Year
Trusted and Associated Breeders:
Cavalrite can recommend the following breeders who have similar healthy, correct lines, and high principles.
Graylancavs.    Sharn Behsman, situated in Dubbo, NSW.    Contact:
Melriver.      Trish Mellusco, situated Vic.    Contact:
Thorenvale.      Michelle Howell, situated Brisbane.   Contact:
To register on our waiting list CLICK HERE  to complete the inquiry form.
Please note that while we do our utmust to predict pregnancies and birthings correctly, sometimes one of our girls can go through what's called a phantom pregnancies where every indication is that she is pregnant, but in fact she is not, or problems can be experienced with the pregnancy or birthing.    All does not always go smoothly.    Nevertheless, we do our utmost to keep this page uptodate as to expected litters.