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Cavalier Colours





Just a note on Cavalier colours.    There are four colours in the Cavalier, as show above.   They are broken into two categories (a) Parti, which are colours mixed with white, and (b) Solid, which are the colours showing no white.    The Cavalier has only had these four colours for centuries and while there are misguided people promoting incorrect colouring as 'other coloured Cavaliers', these are not true and probably not purebred Cavaliers.     If both parents are 'parti' then 'parti' puppies will result.   If both parents are 'solid' then solid puppies will result.    If the parents are one parti and one solid, then depending on the gene pool of each parent, solids or parti puppies could result.    There is a higher likelihood of mismarked puppies with a cross over from parti to solid.

We strive to uphold high principals of breeding, take every step to ensure that show, breeding or pet families receive quality, true to type,

healthy puppies from us and that we act as responsible and trustworthy breeders.

Please note:  we do require new families to sign an agreement and a preview of the agreement can be viewed by clicking



Should you wish to be notified when a future litter is born, or you'd like to express interest in an available puppy, simply  to REGISTER, then click on the Inquiry Form page to complete the Information Form to help us form an idea of what you're looking for and to help choose a suitable puppy


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Litters Expected

The number of families on our waiting list ebbs and flows as people put their names down at several breeders.  If a puppy becomes available, they're so excited about their new puppy that they forget to tell the other breeders, or forget who they've put their name down with.    We usually find that the number of people waiting for puppies generally matches fairly closely to the number of puppies available in each litter.

To express interest or register on our waiting list, follow directions noted below

Please note:  We are happy to answer queries, but we will not consider a family for adoption of a puppy until such time as we receive a completed information sheet located on the Puppy Inquiry page.  Please ensure that you take the time to be fully informative on this form.

Please Note:  Puppies will ONLY be offered to families on our waiting list who email us a week prior to the due date confirming their continued interest in adopting a puppy.   Notification will occur when I'm happy all is well and in date order of joining our waiting list.

If you have not already done so, to join our waiting list, and complete the inquiry form.

Sire: Cavalrite Zeb E Dee (Zebedee)

Sadly, I have to bite the bullet and accept that neither of these girls are pregnant to Zebedee.

Bitterly disappointed as I'm sure all those waiting on the litter also are.

Dam: Cavalrite Westminster Abbey (Abbey

Sire: Cavalrite Zeb E Dee (Zebedee)

Dam: Cavalrite Belle Of The Balle (Bella)

Sire: Austradan Wild Colonial Boy (Clancy)

Mating effected, pregnancy to be confirmed - anticipated due date is 30th March 2015

Please Note:  Puppies will ONLY be offered to families on our waiting list who email us a week prior to the due date confirming their continued interest in adopting a puppy.   Notification will occur when I'm happy all is well and in date order of joining our waiting list.

If you have not already done so, to join our waiting list, and complete the inquiry form.

Dam: Cavalrite Kiss Me Kate (Katie)

See Inquiry Form for puppy price range.

Upcoming Matings

We do have other matings planned for later in 2014 which will be posted when successful.

To express interest or register on our waiting list CLICK HERE  to complete the inquiry form.

Please note that while we do our utmust to predict pregnancies and birthings correctly, sometimes one of our girls can go through what's called a phantom pregnancies where every indication is that she is pregnant, but in fact she is not, or problems can be experienced with the pregnancy or birthing.    All does not always go smoothly.    Nevertheless, we do our utmost to keep this page uptodate as to expected litters.

See past litters below:

For puppy INQUIRIES, 

click on the puppy button below.    Please complete the information sheet and send it back to us.  This will automatically put you on our waiting list.

I'm often asked how long the waiting list is.   The waiting list is as long as the responses to a litter birth broadcast.    Sounds odd, I know, but people put their names onto waiting lists and will keep looking, if a puppy becomes available, they are so excited they forget to tell all the other breeders with whom they've placed their names.   So, it's as long as those who respond to a litter birth broadcast.   Everyone gets equal chance of a puppy as it's those that respond and pay a deposit that secure a puppy.    I do have to add though that our puppies are usually sold with a day or so after a litter broadcast, so if it's getting close and you're getting nervous/excited, feel free to get an update from us.

Past Litters

We're happy to display our litters over the years for you to enjoy

Penny's past puppies

Lilly's past puppies

Flossy's past puppies

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Skye's past puppies

17-10-12 Dexter 317-10-12 Jaz 117-10-12 Lady 217-10-12 Louie 317-10-12 Nelson 217-10-12 Peanut 2

Rose's past puppies

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Cara's past puppies

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Melody's past puppies

4-10-13 Sophie 2 - Copy4-10-13 Thunder 1 - Copy4-10-13 Mr Yellow 14-10-13 Kingsley 34-10-13 Kingsley 1 - Copy - Copy4-10-13 Jack 1 - Copy4-10-13 Hadlee 24-10-13 Ben 2

Hannah's past puppies

Harmony's past puppies

Jessie's past puppies

16-3-13 Charlie n Darcy coming in together16-3-13 Cheeky Darcy16-3-13 Pensive Darcy16-3-13 Pensive Charlie16-3-13 Pensive Zooey

Beth's past puppies

16-3-13 Charlie & Ruby still chatting 216-3-13 Lenny's I'm gorgeous look16-3-13 Pensive Dakota 116-3-13 Pensive Dakota 316-3-13 Romeo's I'm gorgeous look16-3-13 Romeo's needing a cuddle look16-3-13 Ruby still chatting

Sirah's past puppies

1-4-13 Carly 21-4-13 Carrie 21-4-13 Golly doesn like da flash 21-4-13 Sammy 2218-11-13 Frankie 218-11-13 Lexi 118-11-13 Lexie the Poser 1

April's past puppies

September 2009 litters

5-6 weeks group 15-6 weeks group 105-6 weeks group 115-6 weeks group 125-6 weeks group 135-6 weeks group 145-6 weeks group 155-6 weeks group 165-6 weeks group 175-6 weeks group 185-6 weeks group 195-6 weeks group 25-6 weeks group 205-6 weeks group 215-6 weeks group 225-6 weeks group 235-6 weeks group 245-6 weeks group 255-6 weeks group 265-6 weeks group 275-6 weeks group 285-6 weeks group 295-6 weeks group 35-6 weeks group 305-6 weeks group 315-6 weeks group 325-6 weeks group 335-6 weeks group 345-6 weeks group 355-6 weeks group 365-6 weeks group 375-6 weeks group 385-6 weeks group 395-6 weeks group 45-6 weeks group 405-6 weeks group 415-6 weeks group 425-6 weeks group 435-6 weeks group 445-6 weeks group 455-6 weeks group 465-6 weeks group 475-6 weeks group 495-6 weeks group 55-6 weeks group 505-6 weeks group 515-6 weeks group 525-6 weeks group 535-6 weeks group 545-6 weeks group 555-6 weeks group 565-6 weeks group 575-6 weeks group 585-6 weeks group 595-6 weeks group 65-6 weeks group 605-6 weeks group 615-6 weeks group 625-6 weeks group 635-6 weeks group 645-6 weeks group 655-6 weeks group 665-6 weeks group 675-6 weeks group 75-6 weeks group 85-6 weeks group 9

March 2010 litters - Lilly/Benson and Zena/Connor