Our Dogs are proudly Australian-bred,
true to the breed standard and fully health tested.
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Welcome to our Website
In some States, the governments have introduced a breeder registration requirement and this is causing some confusion for families seeking to purchase a puppy from a registered breeder.
To assist, we've compiled these quick details:
ANKC (Australian National Kennel Council) Registered Breeders - The ANKC is the Australian branch of the worldwide purebred councils who are the original keepers of records of purebred dogs and breeders.   Breeders registered with the ANKC have strict rules, regulations and codes of ethics and conduct to follow and all their dogs and puppies are registered with the ANKC.   These are the breeders referred to as 'registered breeders'.   To assist with the confusion, they may refer to themselves as ANKC registered breeders.   They are the ones to work with to ensure you are getting a purebred puppy or dog.   If you are seeking to purchase a purebred dog or puppy from a registered breeder, it is wise for you to check that the breeder and their dogs are ANKC registered. 
More detailed information on this can be obtained by clicking the link below
State breeder registration breeders - in some states, the govt requires breeders of any dogs, pure or partbred to be registered with them as a listed breeder.    This is purely a list of dog breeders and does not keep pedigrees.   It is hoped that this register rids the state of puppy farmers and unscrupulous breeding.   State Govts issue breeders with a BIN number.   Unfortunately, breeders listed with these State Govt bodies are starting to refer to themselves as 'registered breeders', which in fact is not correct to how the term has been used for eons.  
MDBA and RPBA registered breeders - in recent years new registration bodies have started up which are far more flexible in the dogs they will accept on their register.   This body includes incorrect attributes which would not be accepted by the ANKC, as well as partbreds on their register.    Their expectations of the integrity of the dog and on the breeder are not as strict as the ANKC.    However, some breeders will refer to their dogs as being purebreds because they are registered with these bodies, but would not be accepted for registration with the ANKC.    They might even refer to themselves as 'registered breeders', however while this infers they are registered through the ANKC because this is the term used to indicate same for generations, it is not correct.
We believe that every family has the right to be fully and correctly informed about any puppy they are considering and have compiled a simple explanation of how to establish whether a puppy is a purebred.
You can access this information by .    
We hope it assists you to feel confident in any purchase you may make, of any puppy. 
A fully informed decision is always the right decision.
While we are absolutely delighted for our clients and dogs that have 'survived the ambush' and achieved varying success in the showring - this website is in no way meant as a vehicle to display our success or notariety.  It is meant to be informative and is based on what I would like to know when researching and searching for a puppy, as well as covering the questions I have been asked over the years. 
It has also evolved to be a source of updating our extended families who keep tabs on the Cavalrite news from time to time.
For those who appreciate and enjoy our website - you're very welcome, we enjoy doing it for you.
Please scroll down to let us introduce you to our establishment.
Please note:    We rarely have puppies readily available, simply because they are offered to our screened waiting list first.  On the rare occasion that we do have a puppy readily available, it will be listed on our 'Current Litters' page - see index to the left.
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Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. 
Prior to being included in our breeding programme, our beautiful dogs are Health Tested (eyes and heart) as per our Specialists' recommendations, DNA tested, and Health Certified as to general health at least annually.   Younger dogs are not introduced into our breeding programme until such time as they are physically and emotionally mature enough, and then only once their specialist health certification is achieved.
All our dogs (both young and old) are free running in grassed and treed areas, not in cages or pens, have their every need met willingly and lovingly and our mothers are rested well between litters, and retired at a young age, sometimes after only one or two litters.   For this reason we have a number of younger kids coming up the ranks, but the number of dogs who are actively involved in our breeding programme at the one time is limited. 
Visitors often comment on how happy and healthy our dogs are - as each and every one of them lines up for cuddles having thoroughly welcomed the braver visitors who have gone in to interact with them.  It's definitely Cavi love en masse and with gusto.
While there are those in the show or breeding fraternity that may not agree with our chosen matings, just as we may not agree with theirs, we know where we want to go with our breeding programme and the matings we do are part of a well researched breeding plan.  We will not use a dog for breeding if it is found to have health problems or throws faults which are undesirable.  Nor will we use a dog for breeding if it is not robust and healthy or if it is unwilling or unsuited to breeding.
We also firmly believe that pet families have equal right to have a healthy, quality, well-bred puppy, and do not view puppy families as a means of off-loading inferior or 'sub-standard' puppies.  Indeed the provision of quality puppies to pet families by responsible registered breeders gives those families the option NOT to purchase from pet shops or puppy farmers.  
The defaming of responsible registered breeders who provide puppies for all families, not just for show homes, or for their own showing purposes is a ridiculous and childish practice usually coming from those who have not had first hand knowledge of those they are maligning directly or indirectly.   
Our well adjusted puppies are also Health Certified, properly and lovingly raised, initially in temperature controlled, comfy, clean and tidy conditions with classical music wafting over them, and doting mothers who are totally and utterly spoilt with breakfast in bed on demand - yes we admit it, our dogs and babies are spoilt rotten.   Once puppies are up and around, they move from their nursery into our living room where they have access to a tiled, covered verandah and onto the lawn.    By the time they go to their new homes, they believe that every human is going to love and adore them as much as we do.
And lastly, we do show, as and when we can, which is not often simply because the wellbeing of our dogs will take first priority over showing accolades simply because we care about our dogs.    Our dogs are, however, appearing in the ring as well as going to non-show homes.    We are supporters of, and  accredited with Dogs Qld Breeder Accreditation Scheme.